Senses of the Spectrum: An Autism Experience [Video]


TW: for mention of suicide!

This video was created by Drew Lytle, an autistic student who put together this video to “show autism in the most literal way possible, not just those experiencing the symptoms but actually show them in a way for those not familiar to understand”.

Drew says about the film: “The college it was shot at is the college I’m currently attending, The Evergreen State College in Olympia WA.  Being part of a year long program, we where given the task of doing one final project accumulating what we had learned.  After seeing multiple films that resulted in a very therapeutic and self-aiding process for others and their struggles, I decided I would explore Autism with mine since I myself was Autistic.  Going on the idea of wanting to show Autism in a different way then usual, I came up with ideas of using an extremely visual way of showing the experiences.  In order to tie them together, I looked to a style of editing used by legendary avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren from the 40s (look her up, she was ahead of her time).
For allistic and neurotypicals, my goal was for them to watch it and simply be told about autism or see a scenario in which explains it to them, but to show them in a way that they see it and know exactly what that symptom is.  For those who are on the spectrum, I had two main goals; to let them know they aren’t alone and others know the feeling & to expose them to other aspects of Autism they might not experiences (not all in the film I can say I know first hand).
For me personally, the creation of this project brought about relief and joy knowing I can finally say through this what it’s like to be me to the world.”

We hope you enjoy, and we are proud to present this film for your viewing!



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