Stimming Unpuzzled: A Visual Piece by clevergal10

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Image is a grey square separated into 4 sections like a comic. The first section has text reading, “Stimming is one of the only forms of exercise that I enjoy.” Below the text are two stick figures. The stick figure on the left is flapping their arm, which the other stick figure is sweating out of embarrassment. Text pointing to the second stick figure reads, “My little sister hates me.” The second section of the comic reads, “I express myself using stimming. Stimming is part of my body language. I love stimming.” Below this text is a smaller stick figure that is smiling. A thought bubble reads, “I don’t care what you think of me.” Red text at the bottom of the square reads, “I am going to do what I want.” The third section of the image¬†reads, “Most of the time.” There are two stick figures facing each other. The one on the right says, “Please can I stim?” while the figure on the left says, “Stop stimming because you look insane when you stim.” The figure on the right is sad while the figure on the left is angry. The fourth section of the image reads, “Stimming is awesome!” in red text, next to a smiley face. White text at the base of the image reads: “By Tumblr User: clevergal10.”]



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