Stimming Unpuzzled: “Hands” by I. McCoy

are waving
and eyes are staring
mouths are moving insulting laughing
a problem behavior symptom
it may not be words but i am shouting
even if you don’t understand the language
mouth says where are the meanings
flapping means excitement joy terror
any or all in bouncing glee or huddled horror
rocking calming need to calm myself
or express that something is there or wrong
or love joy excitement
legs kick absentmindedly slowly quickly
reminding me of the rhythm of my mind
pacing small loops huge circles getting
bigger focusing on words instead of still
mind in rhythm thoughts
why would you deny it
no need to deny it
just part hope key in my
say not expressing well
look at my expressing
world i exist here am here
but go ahead ahead ahead
so offer insult
to my language mind soul heart self
to the language of my whole


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