List of Current Links & Resources

Anti-Autism Speaks Stance

Why the Unpuzzled Project Will Not Support Autism Speaks

No More Propaganda

Intersections Series (ongoing)

On Being Bipolar and Autistic

Religious Diversity

Health and Healthcare

The Therapy Minefield

I Can’t Do Everything: Autistic in the ER


The War of Wording

Neither Aloof Nor Detached: the Reality of Autistic Empathy

Horror: the Murder of London McCabe

F*** Your Functioning Labels


Toys and Other Sources for Fidgeting and Stimming

On the Importance of Stimming

Stimming Unpuzzled: Official Guidelines for Submissions

Sensory Needs

Sensory-Friendly Clothing Tips

Autism and the Holidays: A Survival Guide

Tips for Managing Dental Sensory Issues

Autistic Artistry Series

Amythest Schaber



Animals & Autistic Lives Series

Cats and Resilience

A Service Dog

The world is too big for me

Animals and Autism

Megan the Tabby Cat

Pro-Self Diagnosis Stance

You Are More Than Acceptable

A few upcoming things in the works:

A resource kit for Autistic people in the hospital and in other healthcare situations

A resource for Autistic people using health and fitness centers, gyms, etc.

A Series on stimming (“Stimming Unpuzzled” will be published in March 2015)


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