The Glass Bubble

I often feel as though there is a huge divide between myself and other people. I feel as though there’s an invisible forcefield keeping me from understanding and interacting with people. This same forcefield makes life seem unreal, like a dream or a movie. I go through the motions of life, but I’m not really living. I am lonely, like a little fish stuck in a bowl who must watch the world around it without being able to connect with anything beyond the glass bubble.

You can apply many labels to this sort of situation, but I don’t really care what they are, because the names do not help very much. It’s the visceral connection that I’m trying to make between my experience and other people’s experiences. I am sure there must be other people who feel this way, and certainly a good portion of them are likely to be autistic.

I’m not here to say that autism is horrible and I’m not here to say that autism is all rainbows and sunshine. I’m trying to describe one of the most significant challenges I face everyday. The Glass Bubble keeps me from understanding the world around me and it keeps me from connecting with that world.


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