Horror: the Murder of London McCabe

It is with a heavy heart that I write about the recent story in the news, that of the horrific murder of London McCabe by his own mother. The facts are that a mother threw her child off a bridge. She let him die in the freezing water beneath the bridge. When I heard this story, I was terrified and disgusted, but it was nothing compared to the horror, pain, and confusion that London must have felt when he was falling and dying. The person who was London’s caregiver had betrayed him in the worst way possible. Jillian McCabe, the murderer, took a life that she had no business taking. False allies will rally against what I have said, calling for more services and imploring us to take Jillian’s viewpoint. I call bullshit. Since when do we take the perspective of a murderer, especially one who has killed a child? The answer is that this happens when the victim is disabled. Why do we consider disabled lives to be worth so little, that it makes sense to take their lives? Sadly, the way the media has treated the McCabe case has been awful. They rally for sympathy for the murderer when the focus should be on the young life she took. I wish that I could speak to London and tell him that what his mother did was wrong, and that he did not deserve any of this. This case breaks my heart and that is all I can really say about it.


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