Megan the Tabby Cat

We received this story about cats from Joshua McGlynn. Thank you, Joshua! –Elliott


[Image is a photograph of a cat with dark grayish fur on its face and back and with white fur around its mouth and chest. The cat is looking straight ahead at the camera. –Elliott]

My name is Joshua McGlynn. I have a 10 year old tabby cat named Megan, we picked her up from an animal rescuer in 2004 after her previous owners left her for dead and she sadly lost the kittens that she was carrying in her body, which resulted in a body deformity where she has loose skin hanging off her belly. Nevertheless we were more than happy to take her home and make her one of the family. She seemed quite taken with us since day one when usually she is nervous around strangers. Ever since then she has made a large place in my heart. She is an animal that knows when I’m upset or stressed and can cheer me up even if all she does is rub her head onto my face and purr, and as an autistic person, the confusion of life can often cause that. But Megan is always able to make things better. I realised how much when 6 years ago she went missing for nearly 2 weeks. I was lost and didn’t know what to do with myself. Twelve days later a miracle occurred. I was watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail and I suddenly paused it when I heard loud meows outside. Having a feeling it was Megan, I ran quickly to the back yard and opened the gate door and she came flying into the house. I was over the moon and felt complete again. Despite her suffering with a bad hip, I was happy to have her back as it was like finding a best friend who disappeared. Luckily her hip recovered and she continues to be as active as ever. However she has become more of a house cat as only last year, we lost our other cat after she went outside and was found in a plastic bag the next day. Having a cat is a great experience as it makes you happier as a person and it brings love into you life. Autistic people normally don’t like being alone, and with Megan, I’m never alone. From this story, I personally recommend that every autistic person has a pet sometime in their lives as it is a great thing and always know when to make you smile.


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