Call for Art, Music, Poetry, & Writing from Autistic Artists


The Unpuzzled Project wants to celebrate individuality and neurodiversity—We want to celebrate YOU! If you are Autistic and creative, we want to hear from you. No matter whether you write short stories, fiction, nonfiction, comedy, poetry, or whatever else… Or if you make animations, webcomics, cartoons, drawings, doodles, paintings, sculptures, or collages… We want to hear from you! Email us at: We’ll get back to you ASAP. We’d love to feature you and your work on our Facebook page, here on our WordPress, and on our Tumblr.

So don’t miss this opportunity to express yourself, be creative, and help out The Unpuzzled Project!

Please email us:

1) Image (if artwork) as an attachment OR your writing in the body of the email

2) The name you’d like to be credited as

3) Your artist’s statement on the piece

4) Any questions you have

5) Any biographical information you feel comfortable including


Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



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