The Spiritual Side of Autism: Religious Diversity

Autistic people are diverse in their beliefs. This is a fact. However, the idea keeps floating around that Autistic people aren’t capable of having religion. This notion seems to come from the idea that the Autistic mind is purely hyper-logical, and so it cannot tolerate anything for which there is an apparent lack of evidence. This is a silly idea. For one thing, we’re not robots. The idea that our brains are as rigid and inflexible as those of robots reveals yet another sort of dehumanization of the Autistic mind. The idea that we cannot handle religious beliefs is a way of reducing us to machines–something inherently inhuman. Autistic people are not machines, and we are diverse in our religious beliefs. There are Autistic people who are atheist, there are monotheists, pantheists, polytheists–you name it. There is no shortage of beliefs. And there are people who care a great deal about their religious beliefs and there are people who don’t care at all. Just like the larger human population, there is diversity within the Autistic community. There is even diversity within individuals. Personally, I have been a Monotheist, Buddhist, Pantheist, Eclectic Pagan, just spiritual, and Kemetic Polytheist within my life thus far. It’s always best to regard each Autistic person as an individual, rather than judging the entirety of the Autistic community based on an outdated and misleading understanding of the Autistic mind. I think this goes for pretty much any person, no matter what their background is. Be open-minded when you meet people, because whether they are Autistic or not, they’re going to surprise you.


2 thoughts on “The Spiritual Side of Autism: Religious Diversity

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  2. Coyote

    Not to mention it assumes that religion is incompatible with logic.

    Re: the whole “hyper logical” thing, could that be related to male brain theory (and the perception of logic as masculine)?


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