Why The Unpuzzled Project Will Not Support Autism Speaks


One has to wonder why it is that an organization that calls itself Autism Speaks does not listen to actual Autistic people’s voices. Nor does it speak for Autistics, or even with their needs in mind. Autism Speaks–or Autism $peaks, as it is often called by the Autistic community–has a long history of creating questionable causes, messy financials, hateful propaganda, bias against Autistic self-advocates, fear-mongering, and blatant ableism. Autism Speaks considers autism a tragedy, and spreads myths that autistic people are violent, destructive, and lost, only causing misery for those around them. Autism Speaks claims we are burdens to our families and that autism has stolen us away. This is far from reality. While autism is a complex and challenging neurological difference, it is not an evil force that kidnaps children, as this organization’s propagandizing advertisements portray. Autism Speaks has no Autistic leadership. Since when is it okay to claim to speak for a group when you do not even have representatives of that group leading the organization? We did not give them our consent to speak on our behalf, and yet they do not seem to care. So what is it that they really care about? Perhaps capitalizing on the fears of parents and caregivers. They have bought into and made a business of selling the autism epidemic myth to vulnerable people. Autism Speaks is also great at convincing people that it does in fact represent the needs of autistics and that it is good idea to give them your money and support. This is not charity; it is manipulation. Autism Speaks systematically ignores the people it claims to help. Autism Speaks seeks a cure, while the majority of Autistics want no such thing. This organization aims to find a way to eliminate autism. This means eliminating Autistic people by preventing them from existing in the first place. This is called eugenics. I am Autistic and Autism Speaks does not speak for me; I have my own voice, and I am using it to ask you to please end your support of this hate group masquerading as a charity.


11 thoughts on “Why The Unpuzzled Project Will Not Support Autism Speaks

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  2. Trina Sherman

    While I totally agree AS is misusing funds I don’t think Autism is not increasing. I also think the symptoms that can go along with Autism..ie seizures, self injury, digestive issues, lack of verbal speech etc do need treatment help and a cure. I don’t think that’s coming from AS however.

    1. Sheogorath

      Trina, Autism isn’t increasing at all, accurate diagnosis of adults as well as children is. Also, while I agree that certain aspects of Autism would benefit from effective treatment (not cures that don’t exist), dighestive issues aren’t one of them since they’re not a part of Autism. I say that as an Autie with non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. As for speech, that’s unrealistic since in cases of an Autistic person being non-verbal, it’s because they can’t talk. Then some ‘verbal’ people are simply echolalic. I think it would be far better to provide Autistic people with what they require to communicate effectively, especially if that person cannot verbalise what they have to say.

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