Rise up and Be Heard


Today has been the day of the #BoycottAutismSpeaks protest on Twitter. Tons and tons of tweets have been posted by Autistic people and their allies. The protest is still going on. The Unpuzzled Project is @autismunpuzzled on Twitter. Please follow us and let your voice be heard. It may seem like we are facing insurmountable odds, but we must rise up anyway. We are chipping away at the facade that this disgusting “charity” tries to present to the world. Don’t be tricked by their attempts to silence you and take away your hope. You are worthwhile and you have a voice. Use that voice and keep using it, and together we can make change.


2 thoughts on “Rise up and Be Heard

  1. EricaG

    I just moved quickly through your blog, and I found it captivating. What a great blend of the practical and the poetic! You’ve certainly given me a different way of viewing Autism.


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