Autistic Artistry Series: Hare

The Unpuzzled Project is proud to present our first artist spotlight. Today we are showcasing the work of Hare. They are a non-binary Autistic pagan whose work seems to revel in an artistic language of color and pattern.


Hare says of their work, “The art of creation has always struck me as being more fulfilling than the end piece, which is why most of my art is abstract.”


Hare also enjoys using patterns to add a dynamic, yet geometric, quality to their work. “I like creating larger pictures from small shapes, trying to create a sense of texture and movement in stillness.”

swirly mess

Our featured artist puts their philosophy of art simply: “I love just playing with colours and seeing what emerges.” And they have certainly succeeded in creating a vibrant result from their experimentation!

Thank you, Hare, for sharing your work with us!

-Elliott & The Unpuzzled Project


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