Welcome to The Unpuzzled Project


As Autistic individuals, the message we get far too often from the world around us is that we are broken, defective, or burdensome. Yet living with a disability doesn’t mean that we are not worthwhile individuals. Furthermore, living with Autism doesn’t have to be a puzzling experience. And it doesn’t have to be a puzzle for the Neurotypical people in your life. By promoting Autism Acceptance, encouraging Autistic Self-Advocacy, celebrating Neurodiversity, fostering connections among Autistic people, and connecting Autistic individuals to helpful and respectful resources, we hope to remove the stigma of Autism, improve the lives of people on the spectrum, produce resources for Autistic people, and encourage the creation of more welcoming environments in the greater community. The Unpuzzled Project is a new initiative with big plans for supporting the Autistic community. We are just starting out, but you can do your part in shaping this organization by joining The Unpuzzled Project and sharing your knowledge, experiences, ideas, and goals. Like our Facebook page and tell us what you envision for the future of the project by emailing us at theunpuzzledproject@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Unpuzzled Project

  1. dennis

    The reason Autism (Shrieks) has continued saying what they do (for years) is because doing so WORKS for them – it helps accomplish their (unstated) goals. I suspect those to be 1) become widely know, so much so that they ARE autism – as in the only proper association Normie’s make is that organization (namely the Wrights) when they hear the word autism

    2) The Wrights have an ‘automatic’ grab on charity funds (impression-management) money. (hence always banging the drum regarding events)

    3) when the word “autism” is mentioned, only what the Wrights say is appropriate will actually be done.

    In short – at least in that small segment of life-as-a-whole named ‘Autism’, the Wrights, through their stalking-mule named Autism Shrieks, have become small-g gods (achieved world domination)

    The greater question is how – which is a much darker matter.

    The reason this cattle dung is so readily heard – indeed, why rubbish in general is so readily heard – is it is what its’ hearers WANT to hear. Yes, you heard me correctly – most people WANT to hear all of the lies regarding how Autist are essentially evil manifested in physical format. This is so because that particular “truth” is precisely what they already know – and by confirming people in their prejudices, you inflate their already a brimming Narcissism

  2. dennis

    continued due to tablet weirdness
    their already -brimming narcissism.

    This is standard Dale Carnegie witchcraft – straight out of “how to make slaves and control people.”. (not the real title, but should be…)

    The real issue here is a society-wide instinctual tendency to see ALL autists as subhuman. This not learned behavior, as disgust / revulsion / xenophobia does not need to be taught (unlike, say, antisemitism, which is mostly learned). The nature of our less-than-human status, however, is NOT a matter of behavior.

    It is who we are.

    The Normie’s merely speak of behavior because that’s the first thing they usually notice After noticing we are not like them. This means that when they seek to eliminate ‘autistic’ behavior – it’s autistic because an Autist is doing it; it’s fine if a Normie does it, at least most of the time – they are really seeking to KILL the autistic person.

    In the limit, this is scapegoating.

    The original purpose of scapegoating i- it predates recorded history – is to project all of the evil of the evildoer(s) onto a nominally-useless ‘carrier’ – in truth, a poison-container – and then basis both poison and container by destroying the carriers. By this magical act of sacrifice, the evildoer’s true nature is hidden, and he once more is seen as ‘good’.

    His life then becomes exactly what he wishes it to be – perfect in all possible ways.

    Hence, by destroying all autist ( and all other ‘defects of nature’) the world of the righteous becomes a magical paradise. That, in a Nutshell, is what Autism Shrieks is selling: the magical power of Purity.

    Just like Hitler did to an eager Germany, and using the same methods.


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